iPhone 9 / iPhone XI rumors: Release date, specs, price, and features!

iPhone 9 / iPhone XI rumors: Release date, specs, price, and features!. Apple launched the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X in September and November 2017, but we're already looking ahead to the 2018 iPhone updates. In this article we round up the early rumours about the new iPhones expected to launch in autumn next year, whether they're called iPhone 9, iPhone 11, iPhone XI, iPhone X Plus or just plain iPhone.

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iPhone 2018 release date

We expect the successor to the iPhones 8 and X to be revealed in Sept 2018. This might be exactly per annum following the iPhone 8 launched, which is consistent with Apple's usual behavior of launching a fresh flagship iPhone in Sept.

However, in 2017 the business didn't launch most of its new iPhones at exactly the same time. The start of the iPhone X came up one month following the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Whether this is scheduled to delays or intentional isn't completely clear. Apple may have benefitted from stored demand for the iPhone X, and it could have sold more iPhone 8 handsets than it could have if the iPhone X have been available sooner. Much more likely Apple battled with component availableness and processing issues.

We don't expect that you will see a staggered kick off for the new iPhone in 2018 though. (Apart from a fresh iPhone SE 2 (more info about this iPhone here), which we be prepared to see in the Spring and coil of 2018).

KGI Securities' analyst Ming-Chi Kuo doesn't think Apple will skip the September launch time frame in 2018. Kuo feels Apple's target in 2018 is to ensure that the new models are prepared to meet up with the same shipping time. "Achieving secure shipments and on-time delivery," he said in a study word to clients.

What new iPhones will Apple launch in 2018?

We have no idea for sure just how many new iPhones Apple will be releasing in 2018, but our suspicion is the fact that three will be declared in the fall months. (The iPhone SE 2 can happen in planting season.)

Nikkei, citing "a source aware of the business's product designs", says we have to expect two new OLED models, in 6.3in and 5.8in sizes, and an LCD mobile calculating 6.1in.

KGI Securities' Ming-Chi Kuo also desires that three new models will unveiling in the fall months, and these will have the same all-screen design with the now familiar notch, as illustrated here.

Price iPhone 9 / iPhone XI

The iPhone X was positioned by Apple as a premium iPhone with a premium price - starting at £999/$999, while the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were priced at £699/$699 and £799/$799 accordingly.
Obviously in 2018 you'll be able to get an iPhone X-style handset for less - if Chinese-language Economic Daily article from Oct 2017 is usually to be believed.

According compared to that site, several successor to the iPhone X is in the works - combined with the top-tier iPhone X successor, you will see more affordable model to entice new customers.

This 'budget' iPhone X-style iPhone is codenamed Hangzhou, as the more costly version is codenamed Lisboa, regarding to Economic Daily.

The says of Economic Daily seem to be to be supported by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who also remarks that Apple will bring in a cheaper iPhone that will feature lots of the same features as the iPhone X including a bezel-less screen. To keep costs down this device will include a LCD-TFT display screen and fewer pixels. (More upon this handset below).

This cheaper handset will definitely cost between $649 and $749, corresponding to Kuo. (We'd expect that to convert to ?649-?749, that could be considered a discount of ?50 on the price tag on the iPhone 8 presently).


n 2018 we expect most of Apple's flagship iPhones to defend myself against the all-screen iPhone X design. This may imply that the successors to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, as well as the successor to the iPhone X, will have a bezel-free design, Face Identification camera, no Home button.
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Here's everything we've found out about the 2018 iPhone's design up to now:
Metal or cup back?

Corresponding to Nikkei, Apple will continue hedging its wagers as it pertains to materials. You will see two OLED cell phones in fall 2018, the website promises, but there may also be single LCD mobile - which will most likely have a metallic back. It practices that device won't be able to offer cellular charging.

What they can offer is a splash of shade. Nikkei adds it "will be accessible in several colorings".
Screen sizes

Sources claim that Apple's 2018 iPhone posts will include as much as three new display screen sizes - like the biggest screen by using an iPhone yet.

The Bell (via The Buyer), quoting private industry sources, said in-may 2017 that Apple and Samsung possessed signed a package for the way to obtain 5.28in and 6.46in size OLED sections for the 2018 iPhones. The 6.46in screen would be a rise on the 5.5in display on the 8 Plus and the 5.8in display on the iPhone X, resulting in speculation that would be destined for an iPhone X Plus.

For the 5.28in display screen, a written report in August 2017 stated the 5.28in model have been canned towards a 5.85in display screen - which appears to be nearly the same as the existing iPhone X, albeit somewhat larger.

iPhone 2018 features

The late-2017 iPhones added Face ID and wireless charging features. Here's what we're expecting in 2018.
Face ID on all models... but in-screen Touch ID still possible

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has published a report in which he predicts that Apple will expand its new Face ID facial recognition tech to all new iPhones released in autumn 2018 because in-screen Touch ID fingerprint scanning remains a technological challenge - but adds that the latter is still a possibility.

Kuo warns that Apple's plans are in all likelihood to rely upon how favourably Face id is acquired. If users locate it tough, disturbing or unreliable in use, the enterprise will plough greater assets into solving the underneath-display screen fingerprint scanner hassle.

Apple may have settled on Face identity with the iPhone X, however the business enterprise has explored the opportunity of integrating the touch identification fingerprint scanner into the display of a smartphone or tablet. In fact, Apple filed a patent describing a hint identification display back in January 2013.

The patent describes the way you would situation your finger on the display to scan it, alternatively of the residence Button. It describes a touchscreen show with a fingerprint-sensing layer that could be used to introduce advanced multi-person help.

For instance, Apple would use the fingerprint sensing show to simply allow detailed customers to open particular apps. This might be priceless for these with kids who like to explore the iPad, for illustration.

Moreover, Apple might take the display even further. It could be used at the side of a piano app, for instance, to teach customers the correct finger placement for the instrument.
Gigabit LTE/LTE advanced

It might consider like its no time at all when you consider that 4G used to be introduced however the subsequent significant factor is Gigabit LTE, which is in itself a stopgap in an effort to 5G. It seems seemingly that the 2018 flagship iPhone will characteristic this technology.

Gigabit LTE promises down load speeds of up to a thousand megabits per 2nd. Gigabit LTE-capable smartphones can even advantage from being equipped to get a knowledge connection miles faraway from a tower, and they will be ready to get linked even when they're surrounded by way of different instruments jostling for the identical airspace, say at a busy instruct station.

Some telephones are already capable of supporting the brand new science, including the Galaxy observe 8. The iPhone X nevertheless, does not help Gigabit LTE.

Gigabit LTE is only available at EE scan sites at London's Tech city and in Cardiff. But in 2018 with the intention to exchange as EE rolls out Gigabit LTE across the nation. Then those phones which might be equipped to support it'll be equipped to take competencies of the faster add and down load speeds, the iPhone X is not going to.

Nevertheless, when it launches 5G, which promises speeds in excess of 1Gb/s (or even 10Gb/s), would require a utterly exclusive modem chip to be used inside smartphones, so even Gigabit LTE able telephones will leave out out. More on 5G beneath..


One of the landmarks in iPhone history was the inclusion of 3G in its second-generation model; with the launch of the iPhone 5 Apple fans got 4G as well. Now it seems that 5G could be on its way, if testing works out.

Apple has submitted an application, obtained by Business Insider, to test "cellular link performance in direct path and multi-path environments between base station transmitters and receivers" using the 28GHz and 39GHz bands, approved for 5G, and 'millimetre wave' wireless technology.

"These assessments will provide engineering data relevant to the operation of devices on wireless carriers' future 5G networks," the application adds.

5G will deliver faster cellular internet connections, but the details remain fuzzy: currently, there are no standards for 5G, although many companies are working towards agreeing on technology and specifications. You can read more about the latest 5G developments and announcements here: What is 5G?

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