Download and update Android Oreo 8.0 for Vivo V5 Smartphone Step by step

Vivo V5 Android 8.0 Oreo update has recently been made available for the mobile users all over the world. Google has recently released the most enhanced and and advanced Android version named as Android Oreo. This release is officially known as Android 8.0 as its technical or numerical name. Update Android Oreo 8.0 for Vivo V5 Smartphone Step by step. Before you update the device, make sure you know each step for maximum safety.

Android Oreo is the most spoken after Operating-system of the entire year, and things will be possible for you if you want to update your Vivo V5 to the latest Google android O 8.0 by doing some petty maneuverings. After Nougat 7.0, Yahoo presented the new Operating-system Oreo 8.0 with an increase of advanced functions than its forerunner. Obviously, people who have Nougat 7.0 or its latest version wish to upgrade their Operating-system, and folks with Vivo V5 can upgrade their Operating-system to Google android 8 with some easy tweaks.

An Overview of Android Oreo 8.0 for Vivo V5

Technical revisions are critical, and it takes on an essential role to meet every day troubles of the millennium. Google's Lollipop and Marshmallow were successful in offering the best Operating-system experience, to support the market management and it was unavoidable to upgrade the Operating-system regularly, and for that reason, we've today Google android O. 8. You may experience the scientific marvel of Vivo V5, however, if you neglect to mount the latest Google android Oreo 8.0 upgrade, you'll be left behind much in the technology contest. It's likely you have already put in few hundred us dollars to choose the handset, and look at a situation if you cannot meet up with the latest Operating-system experience. Therefore, respond now, download and set up the latest version of Google android O 8.0

Know the features of Android Oreo 8.0:

It is mandatory to know the features of any updates before you jump into the basket. Now, let us get acquainted with some of the best features of Android Oreo 8.0.
  • Your phone will have attractive features and better graphics
  • After the upgrade, you will have new themes, icons, graphics and much more.
  • More hot features along with new options and setting panel.
  • Less heating issues, which will let you play heavy video games without hang-ups.
  • You will have better battery life.

Why should you update Vivo V5 to Android Oreo 8?

If you need to have better interactive experience, you should upgrade your device with Android Oreo 8.
In doing so, you will have the latest OS with most flexible interactive features, which will let you use the cell phone with much ease and comfort. Your handset will have optimized performance, better graphic visibility, and seamless gaming experience

Advantages of upgrading to Android Oreo 8.0 on your Vivo V5:

You will have tons of benefits, comparing with marshmallow. It is like as if you are comparing something with Stone Age and modern era. Let us explore the advantages:

No slow down:

Many of you might have experienced the gradual slowing down of Android after consistent use. The new Android O 8.0 has addressed all these issues, and come with all advanced features. It can take your Vivo V5 to a new level of performance, and you can experience the speed and features. The new Android O 8.0 will let you load any heavy games, and it will give you seamless performance without having the worry of hang up or slow speed.

Performance speed has been a concern with many Vivo V5 users, and Google has resolved this with the introduction of Android Oreo 8. Once you upgrade your device with the latest Android O 8.0 you will never face hang up or slow speed issues.

Excellent graphics and fascinating Icons:

You will have a new bunch of exciting icons, which are modern and trendy. They come with very seducing features and are user-friendly. The graphic section is a delightful experience when you compare it with the old OS versions.

Improved battery performance:

Quick battery drain or overheating is the common issues of Android users. Hunting for a charging point is very frustrating, and one can really feel how difficult to manage battery issues on a daily basis. Now with the upgrading to Android Oreo 8.0, you will have improved battery performance on your Vivo V5. Improved battery performance let you have more talking time and standby time.

The new OS Android Oreo 8 is free of bug and for better performance it has optimized power consumption features. The low battery consumption has designed to meet the latest multitasking features without letting its performance down.

Advanced gaming features:

The new OS Android Oreo 8.0 offers incredible gaming options with enhanced graphics features, let you play heavy games without having a fear of hang up or slow down. You can have an entirely different visual experience if you compare it with marshmallow. The speed and veracity of action are much crisp and clear than of Marshmallow. The new Android OS N 8 let you explore high-speed video game and help you reap higher video grades.

You will be surprised to see the transformation brought by Android Oreo 8.0 to your Vivo V5. The upgrades will let you play the high-speed games such as the latest version of Modern Combat, Asphalt, Need for Speed, etc. You can explore all those video games that required more speed and graphics, whether it is action, racing game, adventure or anything.

Install additional apps:

After upgrading, you can install more app to your Vivo V5. There won’t be any speed issues or hang ups.

No overheating:

The new OS, Android Oreo 8.0 has resolved the overheating problems, and after installing the Android O8, you will never have overheating issues. 

Update Android Oreo 8.0 for Vivo V5 Smartphone Step by step

You should have some basic knowledge about upgrading your smartphone Vivo V5 to Android Oreo 8.0 OS. Chances are always there to lose data or device damage during the upgrade process; hence you need to do it by understanding the risks involved in the process. We are not responsible for any possible malfunction of your device.
  • Download the zip package of Android Oreo 8.0 ROM part 1
  • Download the zip package of Android Oreo 8.0 ROM part 2
  • Go to ‘Recover Mode.’
  • Copy both zip package to SD card.
  • Choose zip file from SD on your Vivo V5 device.
  • Find the ROM zip package and prepare for the upgrade.
  • Press ‘Yes’ when prompted to confirm installation.
  • Wait for installation
  • After successful installation, you can reboot the device and wait until the startup screen or company logo. The process may take about 20 minutes.
  • You are ready to go, congratulations.
Make a long press on the notification to toggle between some actions, that you can do without opening the app. For example, if you need to mute down notifications for a particular app, you can click on one notification from them to get a small menu that leads you to mute them for a period f time.

Now that you have known all the latest features of Vivo V5 Android Oreo update, it’s time to update your device to the latest 8.0 OS and reap the maximum benefits out of your tech gadget.

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