How to Improve Battery Life on Your Galaxy S9

How to Improve Battery Life on Your Galaxy S9. The Galaxy S9 may last a long time on a charge — 10 hours, 39 minutes in our testing and more than 11 hours in the case of the Galaxy S9. But there's no such thing as too much battery life, especially when it comes to a device you carry and rely on more than any other. So here are some quick tips on how to get most battery life our Samsung's Galaxy S9

Step Improve Battery Life on Your Galaxy S9

1. Turn your screen brightness down

This one's a no-brainer. A lot more light your display is adding out, a lot more energy the telephone is using. Particularly if you're indoors, it's exceptional you will need the brightness arranged greater than 50 %. And unless you desire to be work with constantly modifying your brightness, go directly to the Display portion of the Options menu establish the S9 to automobile brightness. It isn't perfect, but it'll pump up lighting when it's needed outside, and lower it to save lots of energy if you are not.

You can even change the lighting by tugging down the notification color and modify the slider. Moving the slider left will lower the lighting, moving the slider to the right will raise the brightnest. On top of that, if you struck the arrow to the right of the slider, a menu will drop down and that means you can toggle automobile lighting on or off by go through the container to the right.

2. Turn off the always-on display

Even though the S9's AMOLED screen is super efficient and doesn't draw power when displaying black pixels, the S9's always-on display is still drawing a little bit of juice. Turning it off by going to the Lock Screen and Security section of Settings menu and you could save you an extra few percent of battery overnight.

3. Lower the display resolution
By default, the Samsung Galaxy S9 display is set to 2220 x 1080 instead of the full 2960 x 1440 Samsung’s new phone is capable of. And while its max resolution looks nicer, it also draws more power from the processor to calculate each and every additional pixel. Upgrading to the full resolution is one of the first features we recommend enabling on the S8, but if you’re more power-conscious and you can get by with a lower resolution, setting the display all the way down to 1480 x 720 is another way of extending your battery.

4.  Turn off or lower you GPS accuracy
The S9 has built-in Gps unit, but to get the most correct location data, it will move down info from near by cell towers and Wi-Fi locations. By bringing down the detail of Gps unit data in the phone's adjustments, or turning it off completely, it can save you even more electric power.

You can modify your GPS precision by starting the Relationships section in the Options Menu, scrolling right down to the choice that says "Location," then tapping on the list for "Locating method" and selecting the power saving option.

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