Samsung Galaxy S9 User Guide : Tips, Trick and How Tos

Samsung Galaxy S9 User Guide : Tips, Trick and How Tos. The Galaxy S9 are the most powerful phones Samsung has ever made. Want to get the most out of your new phone? We've put together this guide of tips about the features available in the Galaxy S9 and how to use them. Check back frequently, as we'll frequently update this guide with more tips and tricks.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Features to Enable and Disable

So you've just cracked open your new Galaxy S9. Before you start installing all your favorite apps or run outside to snap some photos, you should take a few minutes to properly set up your brand-new phone. After all, while Samsung has put a lot of thought into how people use its devices, not every useful feature is enabled out of the box.
From getting the sharpest possible quality and establishing biometric security to permitting quicker usage of the camera, here's the way to get the most out of Samsung's flagship. To uncover many of these options, just  go directly to the bottom of every section and type the italicized words in to the search windows of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Setting menu.

Set the screen to its full resolution

This one is a biggie and kind of a head-scratcher as to why it’s not turned on to begin with. The Galaxy S8 and S8+ boast beautiful high-res 2960 x 1440 displays, but they aren't set to use every pixel to their fullest by default. So if you want to truly take advantage of the best smartphone display on the market, go into your display options and increase the resolution from 2220 x 1080 to 2960 x 1440.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Tips, Trick and How Tos

Galaxy S9: How To Enable fingerprint, face and iris recognition

Now that there is a new phone, you are going to want to be sure you're the only person who  can get access to it. Within the Galaxy S8, you can not only enroll your fingerprint using the sensor on the trunk, you can also sign-up that person and iris for three different biometric security options. Remember that you can't use cosmetic acceptance and iris checking at exactly the same time, but you may use one particular options, plus fingerprint.
Search in Options for lock display screen and security, then touch the choice that says "Fingerprint scanning device." Next, touch the finger you want to make use of to the sensor on the trunk of the telephone multiple times, using various positions until you reach completely. ( When you have not empowered a secure screen-lock method like a PIN code, security password or swipe structure, you'll need to take action first.)

To permit face recognition, go for Face Reputation and register that person utilizing the front camera to put that person inside the highlighted area. (When you have not empowered a secure screen-lock method like a PIN code, security password or swipe style, you'll need to take action first.)

To permit iris security, choose the option that says "iris scanning device," contain the device 10 to 14 in . from your eyes and use the front-facing camera to put your eyes in the highlighted portion of the screen. This technique is most beneficial when you do it in a well-lit area without putting on glasses. (When you have not allowed a secure screen-lock method like a PIN code, security password or swipe design, you'll need to take action first.)

Enable Find My Mobile

Losing a phone is a big fear for many. But if you turn on Find My Mobile, you give yourself another chance to recover your handset in the event you forget it in a taxi, drop it at a bar or just lose it between the cushions of your couch.
Search in Settings for Find My Mobile and then log in with your Samsung account, and enable remote controls and Google location service for more accurate GPS information.  

Enable Quick Start Camera

Given that the S9 has a electronic home button, you can't twin touch it to establish the camera. However, if you permit the Quick Unveiling feature, you can press the energy button double in succession to do a similar thing.

Disable Emergency Alerts

Emergency alerts are important, but the ear-splitting alarm that never seems to end can be annoying. So you may want to adjust the settings for emergency alerts before you forget. You'll thank yourself when you’re not jolted awake by a blaring alarm. 

The setting for emergency alerts isn't actually in the standard settings menu, you can't search for it. Instead, you need to open up the Samsung Messages app, hit the three-dot menu icon in the top right, tap the Settings option and then select the option for Emergency Alert Settings. From there, you can select which types of emergency alerts you want to receive (presidential alert, imminent extreme alert, imminent severe alert, Amber alerts), and what kinds of sound and vibration will go off then when they appear.  

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