Tips and Tricks Vivo V5, V5s and V5 Plus for Better Usage

Tips and Tricks Vivo V5, V5s and V5 Plus for Better Usage. Vivo phones, the recent ones being Vivo V5, Vivo V5s and Vivo V5 Plus area unit far-famed for the camera and music because it says from their tagline. it's a large offline market here in Republic of India as you'll be able to see the hoardings and ads outdoors. So, as you'll be able to see the title, here you're reaching to be target-hunting through all the fundamental options and the way to line them au courant your Vivo phone running on the FunTouch OS. Most of the options and fixing of the options listed can nearly be an equivalent unless you have got a unique version of the FunTouch OS. That being aforementioned, most the versions of the FunTouch OS have an equivalent options however a number of them could be placed during a completely different location on the phone.
Below are the guides for each of the feature on your Vivo phone. Check out the table of contents if you directly want to reach to a particular tips and understand how it works. Other Tips and Tricks Vivo V5, V5s and V5 Plus:
How to setup the Fingerprint sensor

The Fingerprint sensor might not be on every of the Vivo phones out there. But, if your phone has one and you are trying to figure out to set it up, follow the guide below.
Firstly, attend Settings > Fingerprints and passwords > and here, you’ll initial need to setup a screen lock before you'll be able to register your fingerprints. to line it up, choose Screen lock and choose the sort of the lock you would like to line. it'll raise you for a security question to settle on and you wish to offer your answer if you ever forget your word.

After setting the Screen lock, return to the ‘Fingerprints And passwords’ and there you’ll notice an choice to add fingerprints. Click on ‘Add fingerprint’ then, you've got to faucet on the fingerprint detector that's mounted within the front in most of the Vivo phones. carry and place your finger many times till it with success gets registered.

Done with enrolling a fingerprint? you'll be able to once more register alternative fingerprints that area unit restricted to solely 5. You can’t register any fingerprints on the far side 5 fingerprints. So, that’s it for the fixing of the fingerprint, browse below to seek out safer ways that to stay your phone secure by adding a guest mode on your phone.

How to Setup Eye Protect Mode Vivo V5

Eye Protect Mode Vivo V5. The Eye Protection mode or screen filter can be enabled from dragging down from below for the toggles and tapping on the Eye Protection toggle. However, the warm filter is set to default but if you want it warmer, you will have to go to its settings where you will also find the timer to set for the enabling of the filter.

To do that, go to Settings > Display and Brightness > Eye Protection, and in there, you can make it warmer by sliding. To set the timer, turn on the ‘Set time’ and just below that, you will be able to set the time period in which the filter will be turned on. If you don’t want to set the timer, you can just control it manually by turning it on and off whenever you want.

How to use iManager App Vivo V5

Here, within the iManager app, you'll have everything regarding your phone listed here. you'll be able to manage some house by clearing the cache and alternative residual files that you simply don’t use. To clear the cache, open the app, click on ‘Space management’, and click on on delete cache junk and you'll have some house cleared for you. you furthermore may information watching during which you'll be able to see however you employ the information property.

And, within the App manager, you'll be able to uninstall multiple apps at a time, amendment the default apps for the actions you perform, manage that apps are begined after you start the device, homescreen cutoff management, and app lock for the apps that you simply wish to lock. Sadly, the app lock feature doesn’t support the fingerprint sensing element.

Down within the ‘Power manager,’ you'll be able to amendment the battery profile to performance mode, traditional mode, and ultra-saving mode. you'll be able to conjointly monitor that apps square measure victimization the foremost of your battery.

You also have calls and SMS manager within the iManager to dam the calls from bound numbers and SMSs too. simply click on the ‘Rejection’ and add the numbers or purchasers that you simply wish to dam calls or messages from.

The last half is ‘Privacy’ during which you'll be able to store personal contacts, pictures, videos, audio files, and the other files on your device. simply click on one amongst them and choose the files that you simply wish to cover. Whenever you would like access to them, head to the ‘Privacy’ once more, use your positive identification and you have got access to your files.

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