How to Change the Number Volume Steps on Your Galaxy S9

How to Change the Number Volume Steps on Your Galaxy S9. Are you feeling that Android's Volume controls could have a more precise response to them? Well, the operating system doesn't let you make adjustments this fine-tuned, but a rooted device with the Xposed framework does give you this possibility. Just install 'Volume Steps+' by developer P1nGu1n_. This is an Xposed module that lets you change the number of volume steps for different volume actions on your device. More specifically, you can do that for the alarm, music, notification, ringer, system, and in-call sounds. You can tweak the steps for each between 5 and 50

By default, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ only have 15 media volume steps — in other words, there are only 15 increments between silent and full volume. That's usually fine if you're using your phone's speakers, but if you're wearing headphones, more fine-tuned controls would be helpful.

In the past, you could increase this to as many as 150 volume steps by installing Samsung's own SoundAssistant app. But for some reason, Samsung has made this app unavailable to Galaxy S9 users on the Play Store. We're thinking this is a temporary glitch, but nonetheless, we pulled the SoundAssistant APK, so you can sideload the app and add more volume steps to your S9 — no root needed. 

Increase the Number of Volume Steps on Your Galaxy S9

Increase Media Volume Steps

Next, if you haven't already done so, you'll probably want to make your volume rocker control media volume by default, as this tweak only adds more steps to your media volume controls.

From SoundAssistant's main menu, start by tapping the "Advanced" option. There are plenty other audio controls in here and they're worth experimenting with, but the only one that pertains to this guide is the "Change step volume" slider. Use this slider to increase the number of media volume steps — the lower you set the slider, the more volume steps there will be.
It's just a little unintuitive, but think from it this way. Visualize there are 150 steps for your marketing volume level control. By default, every time you press your amount rocker, it changes the media level by 10 steps, signifying if you press it 15 times it'll have huge variations between 0 and 150.

However, if you placed the "Change step size" slider to at least one 1 in SoundAssistant, it'll only change the quantity by 1 step every time, signifying you'd have to press the quantity button 150 times to visit from 0 to 150. A similar is true for the other increments, so a "2" setting up compatible 75 steps, a "5" establishing provides you 30 steps, etc.

With SoundAssistant, you really can get some good fine-tuned volume control buttons on your Galaxy S9. Just how many volume steps do going with? Tell us in the comment section below.
This Tutorial How to Change the Number Volume Steps on Your Galaxy S9

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