Huawei P20 Manual Pdf

Huawei P20 Manual Pdf.  This is the official Huawei P20 User Guide in English provided from the manufacturer. If you are looking for detailed technical specifications, please see our Specs page.
Although the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus are great smartphones, they didn’t grab as much attention as flagships like the Galaxy S8 and LG G6. That’s something Huawei wants to change with the P20 series.

The P20, P20 Pro and P20 Lite will be announced on March 27, and after weeks of rumors, has now offered up a wealth of device renders and some additional information, giving us a pretty good overview of what we can expect from Huawei’s next handsets.

We’ve integrated this into our previous coverage below: here’s everything we know so far about the Huawei P20 and P20 Plus.

Huawei P20 series: Name and release date

When will the P20 series be announced? Huawei will hold a press event in Paris on March 27, where the smartphones will make their debut.

As a refresher, the P10 and P10 Plus were revealed in February 2017 at MWC in Barcelona. Huawei has pushed back the reveal date of their successors this year, likely because it didn’t want to compete with the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S9 lineup that was revealed in Spain. 

Huawei P20 series: Specs and features

All of us expect the P20 mobile phones to come with much larger displays than their ancestors; nevertheless , rumors on this topic are scarce at the moment.

XDA Programmers obtained firmware files of just one of the P20 mobile phones, likely to be the Pro model. It unveiled that the handset could sport a 6. 01-inch LCD display with Whole HD+ resolution. Winfuture. de suggests both P20 and P20 Pro will sport 2240 x 1080 image resolution displays, with 19: being unfaithful aspect ratios.

There's no word on what display size small of the two devices may offer. But if the software files are legit, our best guess is that it may come in somewhere between 5. 5 and 5. 7 ins.

What's almost certain is usually that the devices will be run by the latest Kirin 970 chipset, the same chipset found in the Mate 10 series. This kind of means they must have AI-related features aboard including photo-based translations and some smart tips like telling permit Eyesight Comfort mode when reading in a dark environment.

The handsets are also rumored to back up facial reputation that has to be more accurate and less dangerous than Apple's Face IDENTIFICATION. The business talked about the technology through the reveal of the Honor 7X and Honor View 10 in London, saying that really secure enough to be used for payments and can unlock a mobile phone in just 0. 4 seconds.

It's possible the P20 Pro will come with an Always on Display feature, so that it is the second Huawei device to accomplish this after the Mate twelve Pro. The feature was mentioned in the software files examined by the guys at XDA Designers.

The files also suggest that the smartphone, which could have a similar footprint as the -pixel 2 XL, might bunch an enormous 4, 000 mAh battery. For comparison, the battery of Google's range topping measures 3, 520 mAh. The Huawei P20, on the other hand, may be powered with a 3, 320-3, 400 mAh battery.

The smartphones may arrive with a digital assistant on board called HiAssistant, that could be exclusive to the Chinese market. This should allow users to control practically every placing on the device with their voice like Wifi, volume levels, screen lighting, and so forth.

Various other details we expect to see include 6 or 8 GB of RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY, a microSD card position, and Android Oreo with Huawei's EMUI user software on top. Keeping the headphone jack and adding water proof would also be a fantastic idea, although nothing has recently been confirmed yet.

Huawei P20 Manual Pdf

The official website is where you should look for printable manuals for Huawei P20 (or any other Huawai product). The user’s guide will teach you how to enjoy all the opportunities Huawei P20 and the latest version offer. Besides, Apple’s website will give you all the standard safety, warranty, and regulatory info, in case you lose the printed versions that come in the box with your Huawei P20.
Huawei P20 Manual Pdf

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