Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus - Samsung 9 Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus - Samsung 9 Battery Life. Galaxy S9 battery life isn't as good as we had hoped
In spite of the way that the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus have indistinguishable battery limits from a year ago's Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus - that is 3,000mAh and 3,500mAh individually - I anticipated that them would surpass 2017's telephones in battery life. Or if nothing else undeniably meet a similar standard.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Battery life

Aside from the overall size, price and camera, the biggest difference between the two Galaxy S9 flagships are the size of their batteries. The 3500mAh cell inside the Galaxy S9 Plus is a nice upgrade over the 3000mAh cell in the regular S9, but considering it has that much bigger 6.2-inch display, you’ll still be reaching for that charger every night.

Major advances in battery life have basically died for Samsung since the Note 7 fiasco, and the S9 Plus offers the same endurance as its predecessor.

You may find that you can extend the gadget past that, contingent upon how you utilize the telephone and which settings you change. On the off chance that you need to squeeze out more squeeze, you can diminish the goals (it's set to 1080p of course) or farthest point execution when you're playing amusements. What's more, there are some awesome power-sparing modes on offer, which have a genuine effect on the off chance that you can live with the penances. 

Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus lab test results 

We put three different Galaxy S9 units (one with the Exynos processor) and four Galaxy S9 Plus phones through our video drain test. Some of these phones were loaned to us by Samsung, some we purchased. The results were all over the map, which frustrated us incredibly, so we ran the tests over and over again. 

The numbers underneath speak to the normal of the Galaxy battery deplete test results - short the Exynos unit - contrasted and our normal outcomes from different Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus gadgets. Note that the Galaxy S8 and S9 telephones have a similar screen measure: 5.8 creeps for the littler gadgets and 6.2 crawls for the Plus variants. The practically identical screen measure implies that no telephone naturally attracts more capacity to illuminate a bigger screen than the age previously.

The diagram additionally demonstrates how long of battery life we'd hope to get contrasted and the Galaxy S8 scores, accepting that we saw a 30 percent support in control proficiency from the Snapdragon 845 processor (that is a hypothetical number; true outcomes are regularly lower)

 Galaxy S9 battery has better idle drain than the Galaxy S8 

 If your battery isn't actively charging, it's discharging. All phones will lose battery capacity even when you're not "using" them. That's referred to as idle drain -- the phones are still running apps and processes, checking messages, pinging for data and so forth.

To test out if the Galaxy S9 drained faster or slower than the Galaxy S8, I fully charged both phones, turned brightness to 50 percent, turned on airplane mode and pulled them off the plug at the same time. Then I kept track of their percentages over the course of the next week.

The Galaxy S9 drained significantly slower than the Galaxy S8 over time. After 72 hours, the Galaxy S9 had lost 50 percent of its battery life, whereas the Galaxy S8 had lost 59 percent.

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